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Participant Information & Consent Form for Research Project H-2016-203 (Space: Technology & Future-making on Social Media)
This form is a condensed version of the Participant Information, Contact Information & Complaints Procedures, and Consent Forms for the research project Technology & Future-Making Through Social Media. This has been provided as a Google Form for ease of access for remote/online participants. If you would prefer not to enter your name into a Google Form and would rather download, complete, save and return the original document (word file), you may. To access the original document, please see the 'Research' page at for a download link, and/or email me (primary researcher) at

Approved by Human Research Ethics Committee (number H-2016-203); Principal investigator (supervisor): Dianne Rodger. The project is supported by a Research Training Program (RTP) stipend scholarship. There are no commercial sponsors or external partners.

My name is Danielle LeMieux. I am a researcher from the University of Adelaide. I am researching practices of making, consuming, and sharing content to do with space (industry, technology, science, futures, communities, etc.) on social & new media, for my PhD in anthropology. I'm interested in exploring modes of communication, representation, and notions of the future - how human, social, technological futures are imagined, communicated to people, and made real through social projects.

I would like to invite you to participate in this research. Please read the information below, and then complete the form (at the end) if you wish to participate. You may return to this form at any time or save a copy for personal reference.

Thank you very much for your time, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any thoughts, questions, or concerns, via email or on social media.

The research
The project seeks to address key questions, including:

1) What kinds of information/developments/issues/possibilities/futures/ideals regarding space & space technology are represented on various social and news media?;

2) How/in what ways (eg. technical/stylistic) are these technologies, issues, developments, information, etc. represented/visualised?;

3) What are the people, networks, practices, processes, understandings, and impacts involved in the production, consumption, and (re)circulation of this social/news/new media content?;

4) What can this tell us about the contemporary space landscape (particularly in regards to project design and management, public engagement and outreach)?

and 5); What kinds of tools are available for exploring new forms of digital social life, and how might these be productively incorporated into anthropological research practice?

This will involve: doing participant observation (where the researcher observes and participates with others in the field of interest) on online public sites and social networks and at key events (like conferences, meets, and meetings); conducting interviews (online or in person) with people in relevant fields; social media and social network analysis (using publicly available data that will be de-identified); and discourse analysis of media content.

Participants include: space scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, science communicators, social media personalities, students, project heads, space advocacy and policy groups, aspiring astronauts, fan and follower groups, interested members of the general public, space artists and concept/architecture/future designers.

The fieldwork will run from October 2016 to March 2018, and the project should be completed by early 2019.

Outputs and outcomes: The aim is to produce a PhD thesis, which will be made available online after completion. I also hope to produce presentations and publications for academic and popular consumption, in the interests of public engagement and science communication. I may also hold workshops or forums as research progresses, which you are welcome to participate in.

What will I do with my data? I keep records of the fieldwork, which may include records of conversations and my thoughts, interview transcripts, photos/video/audio (if you agree to an interview/event being recorded). This primary data is stored locally on my password-protected research laptop & office computer, the University storage system, and a backup on a personal harddrive to be securely stored in the department. Only I, as primary researcher, work with this raw data. The processed research results (things that are written, presented, or published) may take several forms – insights gained from social media analysis may be represented in visualisations demonstrating large-scale, anonymised patterns/trends, while participants with whom I conduct interviews may be quoted or paraphrased to demonstrate an issue or insight, etc.
- You must be 18 or over.

- Participation is completely voluntary. The extent and type of participation is flexible and entirely up to you (eg. a short Skype interview, or working on a project together, or only having email discussions, or meeting in-person over coffee, whatever works best for you).

- You can withdraw from participation at any time.

- You will, as standard practice, be anonymised in any writing/publications/presentations based on this research. I will not share your personal details like name or contact information with anyone in the course of the research. I will not share or write things that you tell me 'off the record'.

- You may choose not to be anonymous, if you wish for your name or project to be identified and discussed explicitly. This is your choice. In that case, it is necessary that you carefully consider the implications (it may be possible your opinions or other conditions change, and so while you may be happy to publicly say one thing today, you may not feel the same way in the future, and this may pose unforeseen difficulties; alternately, you may wish to be identified saying something you feel strongly about and hope to receive good additional publicity or traffic in doing so, but this cannot be guaranteed).

- There are no foreseeable risks to participating in this project. There will not likely be any direct benefits to you for participating, though you may find that you gain enjoyment or insight from discussing your views and being a part of the research process and project, or that your community may benefit from increased awareness that may result from the fieldwork and possible publications.

- You are welcome to discuss the research with me at any stage, to seek updates or make recommendations.

If you have any practical issues, questions, or concerns about the project or your participation, please feel free to e-mail me anytime to discuss them ( You may also contact my supervisor/s, or, if you wish to speak with an independent person regarding a concern or complaint, your rights as a participant, or University policy, please contact the University of Adelaide’s Human Research Ethics Committee (all contact details listed below).
Contacts for Information on Project and Independent Complaints Procedures Sheet
The University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC):

The following study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee:
Project Title: Technology and future-making on social media
Approval Number: H-2016-203

The Human Research Ethics Committee monitors all the research projects which it has approved. The committee considers it important that people participating in approved projects have an independent and confidential reporting mechanism which they can use if they have any worries or complaints about that research.
This research project will be conducted according to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (see

If you have questions or problems associated with the practical aspects of your participation in the project, or wish to raise a concern or complaint about the project, then you should consult the primary researcher:

• Primary researcher: Danielle LeMieux, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Adelaide,
• Supervisor: Dr Dianne Rodger, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Adelaide,, ph: +61 (08) 8313 5931
• Secondary supervisor: Dr Andrew Skuse, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Adelaide,, ph: +61 (08) 8313 4285

If you wish to discuss with an independent person matters related to: making a complaint; or raising concerns on the conduct of the project; or the University policy on research involving human participants; or your rights as a participant, contact the Human Research Ethics Committee’s Secretariat on phone (08) 8313 6028 or by email to
Consent Form - complete if you wish to participate in the project
1. I, the participant, have read the project information and agree to take part in the following research project:
Title: Technology and future-making on social media
Ethics Approval Number: H-2016-203

2. I have had the project, so far as it affects me, fully explained to my satisfaction by the research worker. My consent is given freely.

3. Although I understand the purpose of the research project it has also been explained that involvement may not be of any benefit to me.

4. I understand that I am free to withdraw from the project at any time.

5. I am aware that I should keep a copy of this form (downloading or saving either the Google Form or original word document provided by the researcher or downloaded from their site).

6. I have been informed that, while information gained during the study may be published, I will not be identified and my personal details will not be divulged (the study will be anonymous), UNLESS:

a. If I want my name/identity to be revealed in the study (I do /not/ want to be anonymous), then I have discussed this choice and its possible implications with the researcher. I understand that fame/positive publicity/other benefits cannot be guaranteed, and this is my decision.
By checking this box, I am providing my informed consent to participate in the project, and state that I have read, understood, and agree to the points on this form.
Participant name:
Your answer
Your answer
(Optional) I agree to the interview (if applicable) being recorded
I am happy for things that I say/write in an interview or survey to be quoted anonymously
(Optional checkbox) I do not want to be anonymous - I want my name/identity to be explicit & I understand the possible implications as outlined in this form (we can discuss this further before participation to clarify and agree on details)
Thank you for your time.
I look forward to working with you in future!

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