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Statement of Interest for Attendance at July 2021 Pluto System and Arrokoth Workshops
Firstly, note that this is a working meeting rather than a conference or presentation of results, so it is not open to the press.

The topics, dates, and start times (in US Eastern Time) of the workshop oral sessions are listed below.  Poster presentations should also fall into one of these topics.  At present, a virtual poster session is being planned for 6 pm on Tuesday 13th and an in-person poster session is being planned for 5 pm on Thursday 15th.

Ammoniated Species in the Pluto System and Beyond (July 12th, 9 am)

The Varieties of Cryovolcanism in the Pluto System, and Implications for Elsewhere (July 12th, 1:35 pm)

Formation of Pluto’s Satellites (July 13th, 9 am)

Thermodynamical and Optical Microphysical Processes of Pluto’s Ices (July 13th, 1:25 pm)

KBO ice sublimation (July 14th, 9 am)

The Escape Rate of Pluto's Atmosphere Over Time (July 14th, 3:20 pm)

TNO observable surface characteristics: Nature v nurture (July 15th, 9 am)

Arrokoth's Geological Mysteries (July 16th, 9 am)

Here are links to the full schedule and list of presentations:
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