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Breaking Through The Lens - 2019 Application
Thank you so much for your interest in Breaking Through The Lens. The project is open to female-identifying directors with a feature film project in late-stage development.

There is no restriction in terms of genre, but the project must have:
1. A strong, finished script (Or detailed beat sheet in the case of documentaries).
2. A producer with feature film experience attached.
3. A strong visual treatment, which includes a director's statement and artistic references.
4. A full budget and finance plan (should you be selected).

We will consider favourable projects that have already got:
5. Some crew and/or cast attached.
6. Some finance raised.

This is about finding films with strong artist merit, that are already in a position to receive finance and go into production within the next 12 months. If you are not selected at this time it is no reflection on the quality of your project, and we invite you to submit again at a later date, if your project has moved forward significantly.

Submission Deadline: 18th March, 2019

Shortlist Notification: 1st April, 2019

Final Notification: No later than 15th April, 2019

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to give feedback on individual applications.

Good luck with all of your films, we hope to see you in Cannes!

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Key Crew Attached
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Cast Attached
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Long Synopsis *
This should include the beginning, middle and end of your story.
Script - first 10 pages (or detailed beat sheet for documentaries) *
The full script will be required should you be short listed. If there is an issue with the form upload, please send all files to with the project name and BTTL listed in the subject.
Film Treatment *
This should include a director's statement, visuals and a break down of style, as well as anything else you feel will help communicate the project to the reader.
Sizzle Reel/Trailer
Please outline any industry exposure your project has had so far.
Proposed budget *
This can be an estimate. Please list in Euros.
Percentage of budget already secured.
Has this project previously been submitted to, or pitched at Breaking Through The Lens? *
If yes, how has the project significantly developed since you last submitted?
Any other points you'd like to mention.
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