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2018 Affiliation/Registration Form for Clubs, Associations and Societies
Clubs, associations and societies are invited to affiliate (or register) to MUSA, because groups accepted by the MUSA executive will enjoy benefits such as free rentals of MUSA equipment and venues, support in running your events, invitations to clubs-only workshops, meetings and parties, and a chance to get funded via a grants system (affiliated clubs only).

Some of the TERMS and CONDITIONS of MUSA Affiliation/Registration:

As an affiliated/registered group, you agree to follow commonly accepted rules of behaviour. Should your group, or any individual member of your group, behave in an unacceptable manner, your group could lose the privileges of affiliation/registration such as resource booking/financial assistance. (Unacceptable behaviour is defined as anything that could bring MUSA and/or Massey University into disrepute.)

As an affiliated/registered group, you agree to seek and actively include new members, share what you do with the wider Massey University community (with MUSA support), support MUSA-organised events when appropriate and participate fully in MUSA meetings.

MUSA is committed to safeguarding the private information of your group's members and follows Massey University's privacy statement (

Affiliation Date *
Your group's name *
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Our group identifies most strongly with this type:
Are you already a MUSA affiliated group? *
If so, for how long?
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Is your group linked with external organisations? If yes, please specify in the Other box.
If you are affiliated to any national, regional or local organisation such as a political party or a church, you might only be able to register with MUSA. Please see the Clubs Development Officer to clarify issues.
We wish to AFFILIATE to MUSA
To be affiliated, your group must have a minimum of 10 members, of which 75% must be current Massey students. As an affiliated group, you are able to apply for funding for events/promotional items/equipment and to book rooms/equipment from MUSA for free.
We wish to REGISTER with MUSA
To be registered, your group must have a minimum of 10 members, of which 50% must be current Massey students. As a registered group, you are able to book rooms/equipment from MUSA for free.
How does your group enhance student life on campus and off? *
Please describe your group's goals/aims/objectives in the textbox below.
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Consistent contact details for this year: *
Please supply 1) your group's dedicated email address, 2) the name of this year's contact person, 3) the contact person's email and 4) the contact person's mobile phone number.
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President's details *
Please supply 1) name, 2) email, 3) mobile number and 4) student ID#
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Secretary's details *
Please supply 1) name, 2) email, 3) mobile number and 4) student ID#
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Treasurer's details *
Please supply 1) name, 2) email, 3) mobile number and 4) student ID#
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Your Income: MUSA affiliated groups must be able to raise funds for their events, social occasions, meetings by themselves if grants cannot be allocated. *
Please supply MUSA with details of the fees you charge for students and non-students, and/or for events/meetings/outings.
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Does your group have ties with other organisations? Please list names and details
This could be any national/international organisations, religious organisations, political parties, sporting organisations. Connection to these kinds of groups might have an influence on funding you through grants if you receive financial support from them.
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Additional information required for the affiliation/registration to MUSA *
Please EMAIL these documents as an attachment to: to complete the process:
Consent statements *
By completing this form, we apply for affiliation/registration with Massey University Student Union (MUSA). We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of being affiliated/registered and agree to abide by these rules.
We agree to the following: *
The disclosure of personal information provided on this form to representatives of Massey University, The Centre (Massey Chaplaincy) (for Christian groups only) and MUSA in order to assess our group's application.
We agree to the following: *
The publication of our group's consistent contact details and goal/aims/objectives on MUSA web publications.
Authorisation *
By ticking this box, we confirm that all information supplied is correct and accurate. We also confirm that the group's executive is supportive of this application. To finalise affiliation/registration, a face-to-face meeting between two ececutive members and the Clubs Development Officer must be arranged.
Additional information
If you want to share upcoming/special events, or just need to give us additional information, please feel free to write details here.
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