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The Yuniverse Mentoring Program is designed for high school and middle school students in the South Lakes High School and Herndon High School pyramid. We feel this is especially important with students having to begin the 2020-21 school year in virtual learning, isolated at home. Our objective is to provide access to mentors who can help support students with any school issues they encounter or personal goals they are looking to pursue.

Mentors will go through training to ensure they are able to help the mentees in the most effective way possible, while also learning the procedures for the program. Mentors will be match with mentees based on the common interests or areas of particular skill. Mentors will be undergoing a basic background check prior to being matched with a mentee.

Mentors will meet in person, socially distanced and wearing masks, in person with their mentee for 45 minutes every other week at an outdoor covered pavilion in Reston or Herndon. Small group mentoring is also an option. All mentors and mentees must have their temperature checked and respond to screening questions from the Yuniverse site manager prior to a mentoring session.

At Yuniverse Foundation, our team is extremely excited to work with you in helping others!
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