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Alumni Survey

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Thank you for participating in the SwCC Alumni Survey. The survey is entirely voluntary. All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Survey results will not be reported in any form that would
identify an individual. Your participation is very important and greatly appreciated!
If you encounter any problems while taking the survey, please contact Vernesha Cathey at
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If you attended another college after SwCC, did SwCC provide a good foundation for your upper division courses? *
4. Do you feel additional courses should have been added to your course of study at SwCC? *
If yes, which courses?
What is/was your major at other college?
Name of college you attend/attended
Did you pursue a graduate or professional degree (post bachelors) since graduating from SwCC? *
Please tell us about the graduate and professional degrees you have either already received or for which you are currently enrolled. Mark all that apply.
8. Are you currently employed? *
If you are not currently employed, what is your primary activity?
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