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2017 TGDF 商媒區 遊戲內容商報名表 / B2B Program Application Form - Developers
2017 TGDF(台北遊戲開發者論壇)的商媒區,將於6/30 ~ 7/1 邀請來自台灣、中國、東南亞等海內外營運商來台參與找尋合作。已擁有遊戲待發行,或想為將上市的遊戲尋找發行商的夥伴,請填表報名,找尋適合您的合作對象!

* 主辦方保留視情況篩選參與本次商媒活動業者或團隊的權利
* 入選之內容商與發行商均需購票進場:

Taipei Game Developers Forum B2B matchmaking program will take place during the period of the 2-day conference, with a variety of publishers or platform representatives participating, looking for games and projects! If you have a close-to-release product and are interested in getting in touch, please don't hesitate to apply!

* We reserve the right to make adjustments to the B2B program, and accept or reject applicants.
* TGDF conference passes will be required for all confirmed applicants:

基本資訊 / Applicant Info
商談代表人姓名 / Representative's Name *
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代表人 E-mail *
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代表人手機 / Cellphone # *
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公司或團隊名稱 / Company or Team Name *
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公司或團隊網址 / Company or Team URL *
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研發團隊規模 / Team Size *
公司或團隊資訊簡介 / Company or Team Description
參與 TGDF 商談主要目的 / What publishers are you looking for? *
作品平台 / Which types of platforms are you aiming for?
特定商店或通路期望 / Any specific storefronts?
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作品頁面(官網或商店頁面 )/ Game Website (official site or storefront URL)
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作品影片連結 / Game Trailer URL
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