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Book Prices (Marvin Germo Books)
Stock Investing Made Easy - 495 Pesos
Winning Strategies for Investing - 595 Pesos
Stress Free Investing - 595 Pesos
Where Should You Invest - 595 Pesos
Breaking the Resistance - 795 Pesos
Stock Smarts: Breaking the Resistance (795 Pesos)
Winning in the stock market is not just buying a good company, but buying a good company at the right time. The heart of this book is to help you build the right foundation -- to find the best time to buy and sell a stock, so that you can win the stock market now and for years to come.
Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy (495 Pesos)
The stock market has been deemed for years as only for the rich, the intelligent, and the risk taker. The heart of Stock Smarts is to break it down to its simplest form and inspire employees, professionals and business people to participate and make money in the market. This book is to encourage every Filipino to profit from stocks and forge their way to financial freedom.
Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing (595 Pesos)
The stock market does not move up in a straight line. The will be seasons where the market will be down for extended periods and seasons where it seems like nothing can pull it down. Your strategy in each of these periods will spell the difference between profitability and loss. The heart of this book is to help create your own winning strategy on how you can build wealth in the stock market over the long term.
Stock Smarts: Stress Free Investing (595 Pesos)
The heart of this third book is to help those who are too busy, too stressed out, and too tired of losses -- to relax and find a stress-free way of investing in the stock market. This book will equip you with techniques on proper stock allocation and management which will help you invest without stress.
Where Should You Invest? (595 Pesos)
With so many investment options out there, has the question of where should you invest you money ever crossed your mind? This book aims to answer that and give you a firm foundation on creating, maximizing, and preserving your wealth as you move toward financial freedom.
Book Prices (Other Personal Finance Books)
For Richer or Poorer: Chinkee Tan - 400 Pesos
Till Debt do us part: Chinkee Tan - 300 Pesos
Debtermined: Jayson Lo - 400 Pesos
Everyday Manifesto: Randell Tiongson - 600 Pesos
Money Manifesto: Randell Tiongson - 600 Pesos
No Nonsense Personal Finance: Randell Tiongson - 500 Pesos
Book Prices (Business Books)
How I Made My First Million Chinkee Tan - 600 Pesos
Younique: Jayson Lo - 400 Pesos
Younique Youth: Jayson Lo - 400 Pesos
Why Settle for Good Sex When You Can Have Great Sex: Dennis Sy - 300 Pesos
Act Like A Man: Dennis Sy - 300 Pesos
CEO at 22: Sean Si - 649 Pesos
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International Delivery – Please email for the rates on your region.
For urgent local and provincial deliveries please email

Total fees would be price of all the books ordered + delivery charge.
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