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Inerex Listing Application
Thank you for your interest in InerEX. please fill out the application form with valid information.

The benefits of inerEX are clear.

- 120% Trading Mining, 90% dividend rate

- InerEX implements a trading mining that allows users to mine in the easiest possible way, coins from incurred fees through coin trading inside InerEX exchange.

- Users will receive up to 90% of the exchange's profits that is proportionate to the number of coins.
Thirty percent of the commission revenue on the DOWMEX exchange is paid as a bonus.

- We count Asia (Especially China, Southeast Asia and South Korea) as its biggest market and expect to robust growth in the future.

* InerEX doesn't charge listing fees

After filling in the following form, our listing team will be require to do a project review. after our review has been complete you will receive an email to your registered address from which you applied form.
After our team has completed a successful review, you will receive an email confirmation that will include an estimate listing date, this will be confirmed 72 hours before the listing. To ensure a fair listing we will only enable trading 24 hours after being listed.
By completing the following listing form that you have read the terms of listing and understand your ongoing obligations.

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