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The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar - Membership Application
Phone: +974 6663 9797
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The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar is recognized by both Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprise as an Official Elvis Presley Fan Club. We pride ourselves on the love, respect, and admiration for Elvis, his music and the legacy he left behind.
Being a member will enable you to know about club Elvis events in Qatar and the Middle East and be informed on members-only events.

You will also be updated on Graceland News & Events & activities of other Fan Clubs around the World. In addition, you will receive an Official Membership Package which includes a membership card, a Fan Club coffee mug and a periodic club Newsletter.

By clicking 'Submit', you agree to abide by good social etiquette and Qatari Law on all forms of social media used by, and also when participating in events / activities organized by The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar.

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