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2019 PSESD Staff Recognition Nominations
DUE by 2:00PM, MAY 3, 2019

Part of our work as a community is to celebrate each other and our hard work. Each year PSESD employees are nominated by their peers to receive one of six awards. Please complete this form if you know of a coworker(s) who exemplifies the characteristics in one of the six award categories explained below.

This year we are also again accepting nominations for our community partners and their leadership in helping advance our mission as an agency.

A Microsoft Word version of this nomination form is available on

Criteria for the PSESD All Staff Awards
Please see below for the criteria for each award category.
Model The Way
Sets a personal example of what he or she expects of others.
Spends time and energy making certain that the people he or she works with adheres to the principles and standards agreed on.
Follows through on the promises and commitments that are made.
Asks for feedback on how his or her actions affect other people’s performance.
Builds consensus around a common set of values for running our organization.
Clear about his or her philosophy of leadership.
Encourage The Heart
Praises people for a job well done.
Makes it a point to let people know about his/her confidence in their abilities.
Makes sure that people are creatively rewarded for their contributions to the success of our projects.
Publicly recognizes people who exemplify commitment to shared values.
Finds ways to celebrate accomplishments.
Gives the members of the team lots of appreciation and support for their contributions.
Challenge the Process
Seeks out challenging opportunities that test his/her skills and abilities.
Challenges people to try out new and innovative ways to do their work.
Searches outside formal boundaries of the organization for innovative ways to improve what we do.
Asks “What can we learn?” when things don’t go as expected.
Makes certain that achievable goals are set, makes concrete plans and establishes measurable milestones for the project and programs that we work on.
Experiments and takes risks, even when there is a chance of failure.
Enable Others To Act
Develops cooperative relationships among the people he or she works with.
Actively listens to diverse points of view.
Treats others with dignity and respect.
Supports the decisions that people make on their own.
Gives people a great deal of freedom and choice in deciding how to do their work.
Ensures that people grow in their jobs by learning new skills and developing themselves.
Inspire A Shared Vision
Talks about future trends that will influence how our work gets done.
Describes a compelling image of what our future could be like.
Appeals to others to share an exciting dream of the future.
Shows others how their long-term interests can be realized by enlisting in a common vision.
Paints the “big picture” of what we aspire to accomplish.
Speaks with genuine conviction about the higher meaning and purpose of our work.
Excellence and Equity in Education
Demonstrates actions in support of PSESD becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization.
Demonstrates results in achieving our END – Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity.
Demonstrate the Principles That Guide Our Culture.
Additional points awarded for team nomination.
Community Partner Leadership
Thinking outside of the agency, is there a community partner or organization that you would like to recognize for their leadership? Does this partner:

* Share a commitment to our END–Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity?
* Collaborate with PSESD on programming/initiatives in support of educational racial equity in the PSESD region?
* Dismantle structural racism in education?
* Uplift and center marginalized voices as a part of community work?

Please provide the first and last name and department of the individual you are nominating, the name of a group or department and their details, or the name of a community partner (individual or organization). *
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