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GO CAPS Transportation Support Scholarship
Please fill out the following information if you and your family are seeking transportation support to enable your participation in GO CAPS. Assistance is provided to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch status. Every effort will be made to help students who need it with gas stipends and rides.

Transportation support may be provided in the following ways: gas cards, gas stipends, rides to and from home high school and business partner sites. Please complete the following information to start the scholarship application process.

Full Name
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Home High School
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Parent or guardian's name(s)
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Best way to reach your parent/guardian
Please list parent or guardian cell phone, email and home phone numbers
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Do you have a car you can use for GO CAPS?
Will you be seeking a gas stipend to help offset gas costs for GO CAPS?
Will you need transportation (car, bus or otherwise) to get you to and from GO CAPS?
Please describe your transportation needs below.
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