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Stock Show Excused Absence Request
This form must be submitted one week prior to your requested absence. Use a new form for each show. If the request is not accepted an ag teacher will send an email informing you of the denial. This form will be sent to the appropriate office staff at your child's school following approval. Every blank must be completed.
What is your child's full name and ID number(if applicable) *
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Email address *
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What show is the absence regarding? *
What days are you requesting excused? Please list each day using numerical format and a comma between each entry **/**/**, ##/##/##... *
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Why are you requesting the excused absence? Please detail the reasoning for each day requested. Example: 2/7/19-steer move in 2/8/19-steer weigh in.... *
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Is your student academically eligible to participate in the activity? (this would require a 70 or above at the time of UIL grade check) *
What school does your child attend?
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What is the email address of the attendance clerk at your child's school? This needs to be correct or your child will not be excused.
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