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Stipend Application for Blockchain 4 Business in July 2018 in Munich, Germany
We provide 20 stipends reducing the fee from 600€ to 200€  - please apply using the form below. It takes 10 minutes.

When you are granted the stipend, we will send you a voucher code. This voucher can be entered in the registration on - then the fee is being reduced.
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Please provide a brief statement of purpose (maximum 200 words) detailing your reason for applying to this Ethereum Camp. Your statement of purpose should include what you hope to get out of the course, and what you are likely to contribute to the Ethereum Camp.
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Please describe for every project very briefly - one sentence each - a) what projects this was, b) which tools (e.g. IT tool, languages, systems, marketing tools) you used, and c) what you learned from it.
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