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Social entrepreneurship for change 21-29 July in Leipzig, Germany
Due to the current political and social situation in the world, Europe has faced the problem of
huge waves of immigrants. In the face of such economic and social challenges, there is demand,
especially for young people of migrant and refugee background, to better prepare them for
today’s varied and unpredictable career paths
The objective of the project is to tackle youth unemployment especially in respect of young people
of migrant and refugee background, across the EU through innovative solutions including social
entrepreneurship, and raising awareness on youth unemployment. This project also aims to
ensure equal access to employment across the society, particularly among young people with
migrant and refugee background through equipping them with relevant skills.
The main aim of the project is to increase the quality of youth work services for migrants and
refugees by equipping youth workers (coordinators, facilitators, mentors) with competencies
necessary for development of social entrepreneurship ideas and projects.
The project is based on an intensive learning process to reach following objectives:
• To enable participants to go through a process of development of social entrepreneurship
projects and reflect on its different steps;
• To gain understanding on how to do social entrepreneurship projects and how to make it
relevant for the needs of young migrants and refugees;
• To increase the knowledge of the background to social entrepreneurship (theory, concepts,
steps, philosophy);
• To develop practical skills in designing and implementing social entrepreneurship projects;
• Raising awareness about problems that youn meegrants and refugees are experiancing
• Introducing tools regarding how social enterprises tackle societal problems in respect of
young migrants and refugees
• To motivate youth workers in order to undertake and utilise social enterpreneurship as a
force for social change
• To introduce necessary tools to youth workers on how to find innovative ways of tackling
social problems in respect of young migrants and refugees
• To develop pilot projects which address social challenges in their organisations or
• Equipping youth workers with the relevant skills of how they can cope with social problems
of young migrants and refugees in their society
The “right track” involves the use of innovative pedagogical methods, enjoyable and inspirational
environments, collaborative learning that rests on a competence-based and learner-centered
approach. keeping learners in the learning pathway and encourage a positive attitude towards
learning throughout life.

The Training course of the project will be implemented in Leipzig, Germany from 21.07.2018 to 29.07.2018 with 33 participants from Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Greece and Italy.

The Project' is designed for youth workers that:
• Are aged above 18
• Are working with young people who are of migrant or refugee background who are currently
excluded from the job market as well as the wider society.
• Have the basic knowledge of facilitation of non- formal learning processes;
• Have a desire to apply their competences in developing new non-formal education tools that
would increase the employment and social inclusion of refugees and migrant young people;
• Are supported by their respective organizations in applying their competencies and newly
developed tools in working with refugees and migrant young people.

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