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Apache Spark with Scala playground

Dobrodošli u prijavu za "Apache Spark with Scala playground" radionicu. Molimo vas da PAŽLJIVO pročitate opis radionice i uslove kako bi znali da li je ovo program koji možete da ispratite.

Radionicu vodi Igor Miletić iz Interventure-a koji ima više od 15 godina programerskog iskustva u radu sa različitim tehnologijama.

Datum: 25.4.2018.
Vreme: 12.00
Mesto: Jugoslovenska kinoteka, multimedijalna sala, 2. sprat
Trajanje: 3 sata sa pauzama

O radionici:

"Apache Spark is engine for large-scale data processing. During last couple of years it has been recognized as one of the most popular technologies for Big Data processing. Beside core Spark engine it has support for live data streams processing (Spark Streaming), machine learning (MLib), querying distributed datasets using SQL (Spark SQL) and graph computation (Spark GraphX). Spark can be used from Java, Python, R or Scala.

Scala is object oriented (OO) and functional language that runs on JVM. From the very beginning Scala was pretending to be language for distributed programming following OO and functional paradigm.

Workshop topic

Since Spark is written in Scala and these two technologies are fitting very well together this workshop is intending to be good start point for everybody who wants to get familiar first with Spark and then with Scala. Worksop will help participants to understand what is Spark useful for, what problems can be solved using Spark, where to start when use Spark and how to use it.

Workshop will be driven by two instructors and participants will learn how to:
install and setup Spark on their local machine
install and setup Scala on their local machine
write Spark ‘Hello World’ and run it
connect to AWS S3 bucket and download real data sample
programmatically solve real life request based on provided data sample
provide report based on computed data


All participants should have laptop with minimum 8GB RAM memory

Participants do not need to know Scala but they MUST have programming knowledge (any OO language), any functional language is plus
Participants MUST have Docker ( installed on their machine and MUST have basic knowledge how to use docker (build image, start/stop containers)
Participants MUST have created GitHub accounts (needed to checkout and push code)
Participants MUST have some IDE that has support for Scala (IntelliJ, Eclipse,...)"

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