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EmoryUnite! #StopTheGap
Orientation for new graduate students begins in mid-August, but we do not receive our first paycheck until the very end of September. Most of us have to move to a new city, pay two months of rent, buy books, and even pay our student fees long before we start receiving our stipend. As a result, many new students start an already difficult process struggling and in debt.

It is unacceptable for an institution with a $6.4 billion endowment to treat its workers this way. We are calling on Emory to eliminate the pay gap for all future graduate students.

In addition to adding your signature below, if you are an Emory graduate student or professor, please consider pledging to inform admitted graduate students in your department about this aspect of their working conditions. Showing Emory's administration that we will not help them keep this secret will be a strong encouragement to them to change their policy.

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In Solidarity,

Courtney Kaye Rawlings, Ph.D. Student, Art History
Dian Dian, Ph.D. Student, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Sarah Trebat-Leder, Ph.D. Student, Math & CS
Jonathan Basile, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
Hugo Bujon, Ph.D. Student, French
Sadie Lou Warren, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Siran He, Ph.D. Student, Nutrition and Health Sciences
Kimberly Schrimsher, Ph.D. Student, Art History
Kira Jones, Ph.D. Student, Art History
William Ulman, Ph.D. Student, Art History
Jane Arney, Ph.D. Student, Art History
Samantha VanHorn, Ph.D. Student, WGSS
Kelsey Maher, Ph.D. Student, Biology
Eric Flohr Reynolds, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
Marianne Parrish Florian, Ph.D. Student, GDR
Chris Martin, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Patricia Lewis, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Stephanie Miedema, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Michael Chiddo, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Joni Webster, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Annie J. McPherson, Ph.D. Student, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Natalie Catasus, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
Stephanie Yep, Ph.D. Student, GDR
Mani Sotoodeh, Ph.D. Student, Mathematics and Computer Science
Sahar Harati, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science
Lily Oster, Ph.D. Student, Graduate Division of Religion
Aliaksandr Zaretski, Ph.D. Student, Economics
Alexander Clifton, Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
John Bernau, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Tracy Martin, Ph.D. Student, WGSS
Blake T. McGee, Ph.D. Student, Nursing
Derek Novacek, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Wahid T. Khan, Ph.D. Student, Economics
Gloria Faboyede, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Ashley Watts, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Shauna Bowes, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Kevin Fish, Ph.D. Student, Chemistry
Yixiang Li, Ph.D. Student, GDBBS
Rodriguez Alicia, Ph.D. Student, French & Italian
Perrine Gaudry, Ph.D. Student, French
Amanda Arulpragasam, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Cara Shields, Ph.D. Student, Cancer Biology
Brooke McKenna, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Ryan Freeman, Ph.D. Student, Physics
Julianna Watson, Ph.D. Student, French
Dylan collette, Ph.D. Student, Physics
Jessica Star, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Qiuchen Zhang, Ph.D. Student, Math and Computer Science
Julia McBrien, Ph.D. Student, Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis
Ian Pavelich, Ph.D. Student, Chemistry
Isaac Horwedel, Ph.D. Student, Graduate Division of Religion
Matty Specht, Ph.D. Student, Physics
Roshni Patel, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Amielle Moreno, Ph.D. Student, Biology
Julianne Freeman, Ph.D. Student, Neuroscience
Carlie Hoffman, Ph.D. Student, Environmental Health
Loy Xingwen, Ph.D. Student, GDBBS
Claudia Kreklau, Ph.D. Student, History
Jacquelyn Ellison, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Nelly Wamaitha, Ph.D. Student, Religion
Zachary Forstrom, Ph.D. Student, Art History
Michael Vaughn, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Angelica So, Ph.D. Student, French
Lauren Murphy, Ph.D. Student, Psychology
Andrew Culbreth, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Sophia Leonard, Ph.D. Student, English
Mary Newton, Ph.D. Student, Candler, Law School
Ruben Diaz Vasquez, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Guilherme Von Streber, Ph.D. Student, Spanish & Portuguese
Anastasia Krasnoperova, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Miranda Cook, Ph.D. Student, Nutrition & Health Sciences
Clarissa Garvey, Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
Judith Levy, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
Elizabeth Kline, Ph.D. Student, Physiology
Angela Jiang, Ph.D. Student, ENVS
Samuel Timme, Ph.D. Student, Philosophy
Erik Ringen, Ph.D. Student, Anthropology
Amy Bower, Ph.D. Student, English
Kanishk Jain, Ph.D. Student, Physics
Nisha Lama, Ph.D. Student, Physics

Robert H. Levin, Undergraduate Student, Theology
Johnna Gadomski, Undergraduate Student, Political Science
John Shuster, Undergraduate Student, Jewish Studies
Rishika Jikaria, Undergraduate Student, International Studies
Nassem Yousef, Undergraduate Student, TBD
Emma, Undergraduate Student, Psychology
Lauren Karr, Undergraduate Student, Film
Jamison Murphy, Undergraduate Student, English/Philosophy
Julia Berley, Undergraduate Student, History
Kira Sweetman, Undergraduate Student, NA
Frances Krupkin, Undergraduate Student, Political Science
Kira Sweetman, Undergraduate Student, NA
Jacob Kasel, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature and Spanish and Portuguese
Dominic Lall, Undergraduate Student, Anthropology
Natalie Uhlikoval, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry
Mintao Ye, Undergraduate Student, Business
Jake Wylie, Undergraduate Student, Applied Mathematics
David Liu, Undergraduate Student, Economics

Kate Rosenblatt, Professor, Religion
Tim Carey, Graduate Student, School of Law
David Hofmann, Postdoc, Physics
Ashwathi P Menon, Staff
Jaleyah Walker, Graduate Student, School of Law

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