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Vineyard Nutritional and Disease Management Survey
Please answer the following questions to evaluate the impact of educational programs (e.g. twilight meetings), visits, phone calls, and emails which have been organized or presented by Hemant Gohil, Agricultural Agent, Rutgers University).
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1. Have you used Rutgers advice to identify grapevine nutritional deficiencies?
2. Have you used Rutgers advice to amend soil pH?
3. Has Rutgers helped in improving your soil and or leaf petiole sampling skills?
4. Do you assess your soil pH and nutritional status more frequently than before?
5. Do you think changing soil pH has improved your soil health?
6. Did the advice help you correct the grapevine nutritional deficiency?
7. Have you changed your disease or insect management practices following your attendance at Wine Grape twilight meetings?
8. Did Wine Grape twilight meetings help you in developing better disease or pest control strategies?
9. Do you agree that Rutgers has helped you identify disease or insect damage at the early stage of development?
10. Do you think the twilight meetings provided adequate pesticide re-certification credits needed to maintain your pesticide license?
11. Please provide a specific example(s) of how these twilight meetings have helped you, your management, overall operation, etc. For example, I reduced cold damage in my vineyards by 90% using the hilling techniques I learned.
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