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TBS Parent ID form
Before filling this form, please ensure that you have a recent photograph of the people you are applying for. You can apply for up to five cards. If you need a lesser amount. Only fill the relevant pages of the form and leave the rest blank. Continue to the end of the form and press submit.

The photograph file should have the person's name, the child/ren's name & class on it e.g. Ms Meridth Jones - Sam Jones - 3B.jpg

The form currently does not offer saving progress and has to be completed in one session. Please DO NOT close the browser window until the form is submitted.

If you need help with filling this form, please contact or alternatively email with the images and the required information.

Child/ren's name and class
e.g. Sam Jones - 3B
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Title (C1)
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First name (C1)
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Surname (C1)
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Relationship (C1)
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Card 1 picture upload
Please upload a recent photograph of this person by clicking the link below. Once the picture is uploaded. You can move back to this window/tab and continue with the form.
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