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Submissions for Breastfeeding Anthology
Have you ever breastfed (for any period of time)? Share your story with us! We are looking to encourage mothers who want to overcome their struggles and breastfeed for however long (or short) they see fit. Can be funny, light-hearted, or serious in tone.

Stories collected will be featured in a breastfeeding anthology to help other nursing mother's find strength to reach their breastfeeding goals (whether it be as ambitious as breastfeeding past the first year or to simply know it's okay to stop nursing baby when mom is at that point.)

In your short story, we encourage you to be as descriptive as possible, and jump right into the meat of your story, sharing a personal breastfeeding struggle or story of motivation. Please focus on ONE specific topic (I.e. breastfeeding as a new mom, the pressure to breastfeed, the pressure to cover-up, pumping, feeding on demand, when you can't breastfeed for as long as you hoped etc).

While we do not want to limit your message, we ask that word count be kept between 500 and 1500 words.

Each story featured will include a link to your blog/related product or resource. You will also receive a digital copy of the book. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Deadline: August 23
Estimated launch date: September 20-25

(Please email any questions to
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