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What if...
The premise here is to have students examine historical events. The set up is to create a write up of a historical event and lead up to a point of decision. Examples- 1. the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor - what does Roosevelt do? Choice 1 would follow the historical scenario to have students show their understanding of what happened as a result of the decision by connected a few other events to the original Pivot Point. Choice 2 student writes what history would have looked like if the historical decision had been different. They would show their ability to see connections that were dependent on the historical event and how the world could be different. This is more like a historical fiction writing task. You are blending history and ELA together.

By having students write their responses in a Google Form template, they are creating an interactive reading for their audience instead of just answering the questions for the teacher.

Describe the historical event that you want students to consider
Choose your path
Students would change Historical Text and What if to the 2 appropriate choices available in the historical event. In the above example it could be - HP= Declare war with Japan-- WI = Continue to stay out of the war but demand reparations (repayment) from Japan.
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