Booking Form - UK Maasai Cricket Warriors Tour
The Maasai Cricket Warriors will be having a UK tour from the 16th of Aug to the 1st of Sep 2018. The event is bringing together traders, artists and community groups in a musical, sports, artistic and food extravaganza. This is a booking from for people who are interested in being partners, crickets teams, stall holders and intending to attend in participate in Maasai cricket warrior UK tour.

Please fill in the form bellow and one of our team members will get back to you.

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Sponsorship Packages: Partner, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Cricket Team and Stall Holder
All the participation and sponsorship details are found at Food stall holders should contact the marketing team on 0115 8457 009 or 0115 874 6666 email us at
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Film & Dinner Tickets
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Tickets for dinner at Belvoir Castle on Wednesday: 29th August 2018 @ £65.00 per head. How many tickets? *
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Tickets to watch Maasai Cricket Film on Tuesday, 21st August 2018. Please book tickets at *
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All Stall Applicants
As part of your application you are required to have Public Liability Insurance. This is a requirement of holding a stall. Please indicate whether or not you have this insurance below. If you do not have an insurance certificate then we cannot accept your booking.
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Payment methods as follows:
BACS or Transfer to Barclays Bank.
* Name: Mojatu Foundation. *Sort Code: 20-63-25 *Account Number: 23950174

Cheques should be made payable to Mojatu Foundation and
* Posted to: Mojatu Foundation, 167 Alfreton Road, Nottingham NG7 3JR

Cash and card payments can be made to Mojatu Foundation
* Address as above.
* Do not send cash through the post.

Please include your Name and Organisation Name as a reference for payment.

Terms and Conditions
In the event of a breach of this contract by the promoter, the promoter shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach, which was not reasonably foreseeable by the promoter at the date of this contract.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the holder if in the reasonable opinion of the promoter admission of the holder to the festival site might be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or the holder and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the festival. Strictly no illegal substances or legal highs will be permitted into the site. Possession of either may lead to your ejection from the festival.

You are NOT permitted to take alcohol into the Festival. This is strictly prohibited and will lead to eviction. Private sound systems, illegal substances, glass, fireworks, flares, legal highs and any other item which the organisers deem inappropriate will not be permitted into the festival site.

You are responsible for making sure the site around your own stall is clear of any rubbish at the end of the day.

Persons lost in the festival site should meet at the Information Desk. If a child is lost, we will hold that child at the Information Desk, and any guardian should prove their identity for collection of the child.

No animals will be admitted to the festival site, except guide and hearing dogs for disabled customers.

There is no age restriction on who can attend the Festival.

Official merchandise is only festival merchandise on sale inside the festival site. Do not purchase goods from unofficial vendors. Strictly no trading is allowed inside the festival site without written permission from African Farm Festival

No audio or video recorders, or laser pens will be permitted in the festival site.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised bill performs you will be coming for an event and not a specific artist/band. Mojatu Foundation reserves the right to change the bill or running time without prior notice.

Stalls - In the event of cancellation of the festival by Mojatu Foundation, their responsibility for refund is limited to the face value of the booking form only.

All participants consent to photography & filming/sound recording of the event as members of the audience, which may be used for promotional purposes.

It is against the law to smoke in enclosed spaces, please observe the signage around the festival site.

Please note that there will be a free car park provided. Please follow the car park attendants instructions on the day.

If you are putting up any structures, Mojatu Foundation will not be responsible for damage or risks, please note any risks that may affect your structure and take precautions as necessary.

The promoters reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site. The promoters reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions in accordance with any new laws, legislation or internal company policies.


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GDPR Data Requirement
Please give your permission for us to keep your details for future notification of events being run by Mojatu Foundation and associated partners in line with GDPR requirements effective from 25 May 2018
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