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Motor City Mentors- Mentee Application Form
Thank you for your interest in applying to be mentored through our program! Before you fill out this
application, review the information on the "About Our Mentor Program" to learn a little about us. Then,
you can fill out the information below and we will follow up with you soon. Please understand that filling out an application doesn't guarantee that you will be able to participate in the program and that even eligible applicants may have to be placed on a waiting list until we have a mentor that would be a good fit for you. We are excited about getting to know you!
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Tell us more about why you are interested in our program & what you hope to get out of it
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If you or your child is a minor, please fill out the below information. Otherwise, you can move on to the
next section.
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I agree that I would like to participate in Motor City Mentors mentoring program and authorize The Hope Project staff to contact me/my parent or guardian. I understand that not everyone who applies for the program is eligible to participate, and that even if I am eligible, there may be a wait before there is a mentor to match with me.
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