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Sign the pledge to stand against racism and hatred, and to uphold the dignity and worth of all people in our community
In response to recent racist and anti-immigrant symbols, messages and incidents in Greater Sudbury, we stand together as a community to strongly condemn racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We stand together in upholding our shared values as a diverse, welcoming, inclusive and safe community that rejects intolerance.

I pledge not to be silent in the face of hatred in our community. When one of us is threatened, we are all threatened.
• I will speak out if I see racism or acts of hatred
• I will stand up for people who are targeted
• In my daily life, I will show kindness and respect, and uphold the dignity and worth of all people in my community
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Naomi Grant
Rachelle Niemela
Lilly Noble
Alice Haasdyk
Sharon Roy
Kaella-Marie Earle
Monique Beaudoin
Terri MacKinnon
Patricia Orozco
David Starbuck
Alex Tétreault
Nicole Yantzi
Lesley Lippold
Glenn Murray
Ron Tough
Jodi Myresyrong
Vicki Enosse
Christy Knockleby
Norah Dougan
Dale McDonough
Patti Desjardins
Carrie Regenstreif
Deborah Knuff
Bob Rogers
Greg Dalton
daniel barrette
Kristan Cannon
Charles Ramcharan
Terry Fortin
Jessie Leveille
Courtney Mahoney
Erica Lagios
Lara Bradley
Shehnaz Pabani
Karla Ghartey
Claire Narbonne
Olivia Wemigwans
Kate Barber
Mike Whitehouse
Charles Tossell
Jessica Blaauw
don kuyek
Gerry McIntaggart
Linda McIntaggart
Audrey Anderson
Marg Buchanan
Andrée-Michelle D'Aoust-Messier
Greg Stott
Tracy Gour
Ann Lamarche
Rita Helpert
Charlie Turner
Steve Joncas
Dana Wilson
Nate Basiliko
Danielle Audet
Paula Cunningham
Linda Hachez
Cathy Seguin
Hez Bird
james wickenden
Richard Denton
Cathy Seguin
Jean-Marie Messier
Shana Calixte
Kaarina Ranta
Bobbi Jay Aubin
Starlotte Dresen
Richard Tomlin
Dean Henze
Richard Tomlin
Stephanie Leclair
Beth Mairs
David Macdonald
Stephen Heiti
David Alan Balcarras
Sarah Dost
Kelee Marion
Tracy Gregory
Pamela Zammit
Cassandra Sigurdson
Diane Deforest
Lisa Irwin
Teresa Rost
Laura Malette
Hez Bird
Hailee Morrison
Renee Roth
Maria Buscemi
Amber Gaudrault
Andréa Desjardins
Anne Boulton
Elizabet Prevost
Dave Daily
Ginette Demers
Ian Maclennan
Nicoletta Roy
Taynia Bedard
Ashley May
Taylor Pigeau
Michelle Gauthier
Emrys Tomlin
Dylan St Georges
Mathieu Labonté
Katie Vee
Emily Herbert
Jamie West
Robert McCarthy
Pamela Russell
Laurie McGauley
Suzanne Menard
Althea Bakakos
Lynne Descary
Jaime Panas
Steve May
Violet Lanthier
Pat Lanthier
Colleen Burns
Brenda Swalm
Joe Haddad
Samantha Buttery
Queenie Earle
Katrina Webkamigad
Max Kennedy
Allison Muckle
Rowena Kirk
Julian Rickards
Betty Ann McPherson
Dan Scott
Cathy Orlando
Caitlin Heppner
Christian Pelletier
Dan Desrochers
Chris Nash
mary green
Gaetanne Gladu
Clayton Drake
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