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zOOm Relationship Coaching - Weekly Accountability & Progress Checkups (Template) Please email me to create a copy of this form for you and your spouse that you can edit yourself. - email @ CoachZubair at gmail dot com
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We consider the relationship of coach as a partner as we are investing our resources to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Our success metric is to help you build lasting faith, perspective of life and those around you, changes, habits to be in peek emotional & psychological state and achieve meaningful results!

Please note that we won't fix your problems or do anything for you, you are the one who have to be patient and consistent. We will help you develop habits, positive mindset and spritual connection needed to achieve what you MUST achieve at your own pace!

Think of it like you are driving your super awesome car, or gardening your beautiful garden and we are assisting you as a coach / advisor like a drone hovering near by, keeping you accountable and encouraging you along with constructive criticism.

You are in the driving seat :)
It's your garden at the end of the day :)
You can make it amazing in sha' allah !
How coaching Works
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Have you been doing your own evaluations on growth around various areas in your life? *
How is your own evaluations on personal growth around various areas in your personal life? Your relationship with Allah, your own growth, physical exercise / activity? How is that going? What's stopping you? How are you managing your self. The idea is to focus on self improvement more than our focus on bringing change to others. Don't forget the power of Dua and importance of improving your relationship with Allah and helping each other get to an amazing vacation in Jannah forever. *
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How LOVED & Respected are you feeling in this relationship? *
How CERTAIN & SIGNIFICANT are you feeling in this relationship? *
How GROWING are you feeling this relationship is ? *
What are 2 - 3 MOST important things your spouse can do or avoid doing to improve the above scores. *
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What are you thankful for to your spouse for what he/she did GREAT last week? *
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What did you try doing for your spouse to improve his / her feelings and experiences in this relationship? What do you plan to do better next week? *
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What are your observations on how your spouse did on what was agreed upon last week? What went well, what can be improved? Thank him for what was great, What you need / want more of ? *
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What are your observations on how YOU did on what was agreed upon last week? What do you plan to do better or keep same next week? *
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