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Housing Assistance Corporation Volunteer Survey
We would love to hear about your experience with Housing Assistance Corporation! Please take a few moments to fill out this form. Thank you!
With what civic group, school, or organization did you serve Housing Assistance Corporation?
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Do you feel like you have a good understanding of Housing Assistance's mission and the work it does in the community? If "No" please tell us in "other" what we could do better.
Did you feel prepared for the work you performed on the project you completed?
What did you enjoy about your volunteer experience?
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What would you have changed?
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Have you done similar home repair work prior to your experience with Housing Assistance?
If yes, how does your experience with Housing Assistance compare to the previous experiences?
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Do you feel that Housing Assistance staff adequately helped with experience processing after the project?If "Other", please tell us what we did well, or what we could have done better?
Would you like to volunteer for Housing Assistance again in the future?
What story would you like to share of your overall volunteer experience with Housing Assistance? Could we share your story on our website?
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