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Super Slide Job Application
Thank you for filling out an application for employment at the Super Slide Amusement Park. Superslide Amusement Park hires a team of over twenty employees that work together to ensure the park runs safely and efficiently. Whether this is your first job or one of several, being a team player is key to the success of your happy employment at the park. Working at the Superslide is a fun environment and you have the ability to make our customers smile from ear to ear!  It also comes with a lot of responsibility. Job duties not only including running rides while ensuring the safety of customers, but also maintaining the park and cleaning the Sertoma building and bathrooms. The park will host nearly 100 events and entertain nearly 90,000 people during our short summer season. Our employees are an important part of the park’s operation. If this sounds like the environment you would like to work in, please complete your application and submit it.
 ***In order to work at the Superslide you must be at least 16 years old.***
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Our season runs from the start of May until mid September. If you are not leaving for college, you will need to work until the end of the season. We lessen our hours once schools begins. *
Working at the Super Slide can include many job duties such as: running rides, consession sales, cleaning and maintenance of the park, cleaning restrooms, and more. Please indicate that you are willing to fulfill all of these duties. *
Working at Superslide is certainly a fun summer job, but there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with it.  Every time you operate a ride, you are responsible for the safety and lives of the people on that ride.  This responsibility cannot be taken lightly.  Therefore we do not allow our employees to carry cellphones, iPods or any other items that will distract from their job responsibilities.  We also do not allow employees to have visitors during working hours.  Please check the box that states that you understand the responsibility of working at the park and that safety is our number one priority. *
Summer is a busy time for everyone! To be an employee at Superslide Amusement Park, you need to also be available to work on weekends. This is because our busiest & longest hours are during the weekend. We will always try our best to honor time-off requests that are received in advance and accommodate your summer school & activity schedule. That being said, it is your responsibility to submit your request forms early and visit with your supervisor about any upcoming times that you are unavailable to work. You must also understand that not all time off requests can be granted due to the needs of the business. *
Please sign & date. The park owners will review your application and may contact you for an interview either via text, facebook messenger or phone call. Our tentative opening is early May. Thank you for applying. *
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