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NEEHU 11 Community Ambassador Program Sign Up Form
The Ambassador program is a way for people new to NEEHU to get matched up with more experienced community members who will serve as guides to help them get started at NEEHU. The goal of this matching is to pair people with similar role and demographics so that the interaction is not about play, but rather about having a friendly face at the con who can offer advice, help figure out which classes to attend, etc.
Are you a...? *
Scene name (the one we will print on your badge) *
In the kink scene, we often don't use our real names to identify ourselves. We asked you for a "scene name" when you registered for the con, as this is what people will call you. Please use the same name you used when you registered for the con!
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Contact info *
We will share this e-mail address with the person/people you are matched with and it will be visible to the people organizing this program. It will never be publicly posted!
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We will match you up with someone of similar gender.
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We will match you up with someone of similar orientation.
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Kink orientation
For example, are you a top, bottom, switch, vanilla, hypnokinkster ... use all the adjectives you need!
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What gender/orientation/role individual would you be most comfortable being paired with?
Our default is to try to pair either similar demographics or similar kinks/hobbies.
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Hobbies and interests outside of kink
Did you know that many hypnokinksters are huge geeks? It's totally OK to let your geek flag fly!
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Kinky interests
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What do you hope to contribute to (Ambassadors) or get out of the ambassador/explorer program (Explorers)?
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Is there anything else we should know about you to make the best possible people matches?
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This survey is just to pair new folks with people to help them get started at NEEHU, not for play partner matching. *
This is not an agreement to any type of scene or hooking up, in fact, hooking up with your mentee is actively discouraged because of the power dynamic being a mentor/mentee creates. Your mentor is there to answer questions that you have during the con, a person to learn from and a friendly face. Our goals are to build friendships and have someone that will be there for you.
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