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This is it. The final PoleBuddy Registration!
This is it! The final thing! Really! Entering your email below means you're saying you're want a pre-public invite to PoleBuddy.

***If you have already registered your email with our Beta form, you will already be on this list.

***Join our group at to stay up to date and have a say in development

*** We will be offering a free trial period (either or 30-60 days) so you can try before making any commitment

We are in still in BETA, but we will be adding new studios every week so we can manage our customer support requirements, so we will be working through this list ASAP.

We will be billing monthly IN YOUR LOCAL CURRENCY, with pricing set as below INCLUSIVE OF TAXES:

77.00 AUD Australia
50.00 EUR Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, United Kingdom
330.00 DKK Denmark
45.00 GBP United Kingdom
420.00 NOK Norway
450.00 SEK Sweden
60.00 USD United States
60.00 CHF Switzerland
185.00 BRL Brazil
70.00 CAD Canada
425.00 HKD Hong Kong
5,800.00 JPY Japan
1,000.00 MXN Mexico
75.00 NZD New Zealand
72.00 SGD Singapore

AUSTRALIAN STUDIOS: Please note that the above price is GST inclusive. If you are registered for GST (BAS), your actual monthly rate will be tax exclusive, meaning a final cost of 70/month.
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