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Incidence, Impact, Reporting & Awareness of Incest in India
Research was started by Supreet Dhiman to fulfil partial requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights and Duties at Panjab University Chandigarh. Purpose of the research is to establish the incidence and frequency of incest abuse, its impact on the victim/survivor, understand the behavioural pattern of the perpetrator/abuser and how the families behave. We are also trying to establish the role of media and legal provisions directly connected with incest abuse.

The pilot phase led to formation of End Incest Trust, which is striving for a world free of incest abuse through comprehensive awareness initiatives, collaborative planning, policy research, advocacy and community action.
The research is being conducted using an online questionnaire ensuring anonymity of the respondent and confidentiality of the data collected.

Who can participate:
• Anyone Indian living anywhere in India can participate.
• NRIs who lived in India for over 10 years
• You can participate even if you have never been sexually abused by a family member.
• We invite people of all genders and gender orientation to participate
• If someone can't read, you can read out the questions and fill answers on their behalf.

Instructions for filling the Questionnaire:
• You must complete all the questions.
• Most questions are objective type (you choose one or most applicable of the options given)
• Few questions invite you to give for a descriptive answers in your own words.
• Any question left unanswered may render the entire questionnaire ineffective.
• Please mark each answer honestly (Remember, all your answers are being recorded in an anonymous fashion).
• Try to complete the questionnaire in one sitting only.
• It will take approximately 15mins to complete the questionnaire.

Outcome of the Questionnaire:
• The data submitted by you in this anonymous fashion, would be analysed and compiled in a report.
• If significant findings emerge during the analysis stage, then we may share the final report with the relevant authorities and policy makers to pay attention to this neglected aspect of human behaviour.
• We may also conduct further research on the topic to analyse specific issues emerging from this round of data collection.
• Awareness and training programs and support structure will be (re)designed based upon the learnings from this round of feedback to serve everyone affected by incest abuse: victims/survivors, perpetrators/abusers, their families and other stakeholders.
• If you wish to receive a summary of the final report, then please send an email to the student author of this research questionnaire on

I value the time you will be spending in completing the questionnaire, providing me with vital data to complete the research. Please share with your personal and professional network to help us use the power of data to address incest abuse from personal, professional and policy perspective.

TW: If at any stage you feel the need to reach out for emotional support, please call trained counsellors on iCALL helpline 022-25521111 (10am to 8pm) or email us on
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