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ADIL AY @ Masjid Maarof
Assalamualaikum dear jemaah,

ADIL Academic Year (AY) consists of a series of ADIL modules over the course of an academic year. It is developed for Muslim adults to receive Islamic learning in structured, modular settings, providing more opportunities for closer interaction and engagement with the Asatizah every week.

Day/Time: Fridays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Participants: 19 year-olds and above
Language Medium: English
Platform: Zoom

Modules in AY2022:
1) Ulul 'Azmi - The Arch-Prophets
2) Fiqh of Planned Giving - Wealth Planning and Distribution in Islam
3) Introduction to Maqasid Al-Shariah - Understanding the Higher Purpose & Objectives of the Islamic Law
4) Dawn of Mecca - History of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) before Hijrah
5) Light of Madinah - History of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) after Hijrah
6) Introduction to Diversity - Guide to Ethical Steps in Approaching Arguments and the Right Attitude Towards Disagreement
7) Traveller's Fiqh - Guide for Travelling Muslims
8) Fiqh for the Sick - Essential Guide for Muslim Patients
9) Path of Repentance - Journey Back to Allah

Modules in AY2023:
1) A Muslim's Manual 1 - Syahadah & Solat
2) A Muslim's Manual 2 - Fasting, Zakat & Hajj
3) Light of Faith 1 - Belief in Allah, The Angels & Divine Books
4) Light of Faith 2 - Belief in The Prophets, The Last Day & Destiny
5) Living Sources 1 - Understanding the Quran
6) Living Sources 2 - Understanding the Sunnah
7) The Chosen One 1 - Prophet Muhammad's Characteristics and Values (part 1)
8) The Chosen One 2 - Prophet Muhammad's s.a.w. Characteristics and Values (part 2)

*subject to changes
For more details on the modules, you may visit


Enrolment is confirmed once payment is made.

May Allah bless our journey in seeking His knowledge, ameen. Do contact us at for any queries.

Thank You & Wassalam,
Education Department
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Ongoing: The Chosen One 2, 19 November 2021
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