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ADIL AY @ Masjid Maarof
Assalamualaikum dear jemaah,

ADIL Academic Year (AY) is a new programme developed for Muslim adults to receive Islamic learning in structured, modular settings, providing more opportunities for closer interaction and engagement with the Asatizah every week.

Day/Time: Fridays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Participants: 19 year-olds and above
Language Medium: English
Duration: 2 years

1st year modules (2019)*:
- A Muslim's Manual (The 5 Pillars of Islam)
- Light of Faith (The 6 Articles of Faith)
- Understanding the Quran and Sunnah
- A Study of Prophet Muhammad's s.a.w. Characteristics and Values

2nd year modules (2020)*:
- Traveller's Fiqh
- Fiqh for the SIck
- Wealth Planning & Distribution in Islam
- The 'Ulul Azmi
- Introduction to Maqasid Shariah
and more

*subject to changes

Fee Structure:
Registration fee $20; waived off for Maarof aLIVE graduates
Miscellaneous fee $30 (annual)
Monthly Course fees $40 (excludes May and December)
Total payment upon enrolment: $90 ($70 for Maarof aLIVE graduates)

Enrolment is confirmed once payment is made. We will also require a copy of your NRIC.

May Allah bless our journey in seeking His knowledge, ameen.

Thank You & Wassalam,
Education Department

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