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RSVP: Philosophy Lecture Series -- November 13, 2017 "Evolution and Creation"
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Please join us in welcoming our Philosophy guest speaker
Date: Monday 11/13/17
Time: 7:00pm
Location: St. Charles Borromeo Seminary - St. John Vianney Auditorium
Professor of Biology and Theology
Providence College Providence, RI
Rev. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P.
About this Lecture
Defending Adam After Darwin: The Origin of Sapiens as a Natural Kind

Abstract: For many contemporary Christian theologians, evolutionary biology rules out any account of an Adam and Eve that would explain the origin of our species. In response, I propose that there are sound and robust reasons to think that human beings share an intrinsic essence that puts them into a natural kind. I also propose that our natural kind can be defined by our developmental capacity for language, which I suggest is necessarily linked to the capacity for abstract thought. Thus, it is still reasonable to trace the origins of our natural kind to an original individual. In my view, Adam was the first anatomically modern human to have evolved this capacity for hierarchical and non-linear language that allowed him to construct an abstract internal map of the world. He was the first speaking primate, the first rational animal.

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