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BIJAN Housing Support
The Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN, pronounced "Beyond!") has been getting a variety of requests to find housing for folks leaving detention and for families who are getting reunited after being separated by ICE. We are learning that a housing option can make all the difference when it comes to someone getting released from detention on a lower bond, and allowing them to fight their case with a stronger foundation and to have more support while navigating all that one confronts in this confusing and dehumanizing system.

There are many ways you can help -- by opening your home as a host, by providing support to hosts in your neighborhood (with rides, translation, meals, etc.), by renting out an apartment or spare rooms you have at a low cost, etc. We are working to build up a list of possible housing options in order to respond to these diverse requests for support. There is no perfect option or protocol. We all continue to learn and support each other as we build this together! General openness and creativity can get us all far in responding to the requests from our siblings in detention.

We remain guided by our Beyond values in this and all realms of our accompaniment efforts:
* We honor people's dignity and choices in a system that denies dignity and choice.
* We expect messiness, confusion, and discomfort, and we also choose courage and trust.
* We judge the system, not people.
* We fight for one another as family, because we are.

Please fill this form out if you are open in any way to any kind of housing-related ask! You can also contact Angela Kelly at or Rachie Lewis at with any questions or thoughts. Thank you so much for you willingness to say YES!
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Questions for Potential Hosts or Home-Owners:
Please fill out the following in as much detail as you are willing to share. A member of our team will call you to follow up, share any potential matches and answer any questions you have then.
What's the makeup of your home? # of people? What kind of sleeping options are available? For how many people? Are there pets? Preferences related to age or gender? Other important information to share?
Is public transit available near your home?
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How long would you be willing to host (or affordably rent to) someone for?
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Referring to the previous question, please describe what you'd ideally want to offer and also what you'd be willing to do if totally necessary:
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