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Gathering Storm Registration Form
Please answer each question completely.
What is the name of your team?
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Who is your team captain? (Name and battle tag, please. Example: Sharku Battletag#1234
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What is your team captain's email address?
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Please list the battle tags of your other members. (You must have at least 5 members on your team including your captain. Each team may have up to 8 members: 5 starters and 3 alternates.)
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Has anyone on your team ever been awarded cash for playing in a HotS tournament or event? (Do not include promotions or non-cash prizes.)
Which gaming community would you like to champion for this tournament?
Does your team agree to abide by the rules and format as stated on the Gathering Storm website?
Does your team acknowledge that cheating, harassment, abusive speech, unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or trolling may result in immediate disqualification.
Do all of your players give us permission to live stream and/or live cast your games on Twitch?
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