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OHF Mentor Application 2019
Please complete the following application to be added to our list of potential mentors. We will contact you to set up a meeting if your skills, experience and availability match our present needs. Please understand that although you may have years of experience with horses, riding, training, etc., OHF has developed a model that works for the clients we work with and we expect all mentors to comply with this method. We are not giving riding "lessons," we are mentoring children in a way that will hopefully give them skills to facilitate success in their everyday life.

Below are a list of Mentor expectations: (if you do not feel you can maintain consistency please do not apply for Mentor, as they are session leaders and children are counting on you).

* Mentor shows professional competency to instruct children.
* Mentors demonstrate integrity, honor and morality by respecting the rights and dignity of ALL individuals and animals.
* Mentors are honest and truthful at all times.
* Mentors are objective and fair.
* Mentors exercise objectivity and good judgement.
* Mentors shall operate in a safe manner when interacting with individuals and animals.
* Mentors are attentive to surroundings at all times.
* Mentors understand that their assistant is there to help them and as such are their peer and co-worker.
* Mentors must know emergency procedures.
* Mentors must show responsibility. This is a enormous responsibility and as such should be taken seriously. Please be prompt, dependable and appropriate at all times.
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At OHF we consider our program to be a "ministry" and many of our policies are modeled after Christian principles. However, we are NOT a religious organization and one of our core philosophies is "inclusion, not conversion" meaning we don't "preach" to our clients and we embrace students and staff of all religions and backgrounds. How do you feel about this? *
Tell us a little about yourself. We would love to hear about your interests, hobbies, achievements, family and any other interesting information about you. *
Do you have any medical issues or other commitments that might interfere with your commitment to mentor at OHF for the entire 10 weeks of sessions? If yes, please explain. *
How did you learn about our program? *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime, other than a traffic ticket? *
If "Yes," Please Explain *
The Owl Hollow Farm Board of Directors requires periodical random background checks of all mentors and volunteers. Do you consent to this? *
Please list the NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE AND RELATIONSHIP of THREE references who know you well, but are not relatives, preferable for whom you have worked in either a paid or volunteer capacity. *
Please complete the following section to the best of your ability.
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Comments and additional information we should know about your schedule:
OHF will call you for an interview as well as various training session. We may also ask for a background check. Please let us know if there is a problem with either of these things. *
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