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Indy Art & Seek
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Is the median income of your neighborhood BELOW the 2017 Marion County median income of $47,334? (to find out: go to this map and mouse over your location, and zoom in! *
Are you willing to have an artist actively engage with you and your neighborhood as part of the process of developing either a large, permanent artwork OR a small "intervention" artwork? *
Are you willing to care for and maintain artwork that is placed (permanently or temporarily) in your greenspace and/or neighborhood? *
Will the people in your neighborhood be comfortable with people you don't know visiting your neighborhood to find the Art & Seek artwork using a mobile app? *
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Representative name(s) (first, then last) *
What is the best way to contact you? (pick one and give details in the next question) *
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Did a representative from your community attend the information session for GreenKeepers at KIB on April 12? *
Tell us a bit about your neighborhood and your greenspace, and why you are interested in hosting artwork as part of Art & Seek. In particular, talk about the values, heritage, and culture of your neighborhood that an artwork could address. (limit 5000 characters) *
Which type of Art & Seek artwork are you interested in hosting? Check either or both. *
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