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Listen Rinse Repeat Voice Actor Interest Form
Welcome! You want to voice act in one of our micro 20-50 second episodes? Hooray! Please fill out this form. Note that we cannot promise to cast you in a story, but we will do our best to match voice actors with the available scripts. You will hear from someone on our production team if and when we have something for you.

Please note that this is unpaid and on a volonteer basis - no-one in this production is getting paid, and all revenue from merch sales is donated to International Medical Corps.

Questions? Comments? Please e-mail us at
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Thank you so much!
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Please link to somewhere we can hear a sample of your voice, it could be a reel, a sample recording, a Youtube clip or a podcast episode. If there is more than one person speaking, please indicate how we can indentify you. (Please provide an actual link here - don't ask us to contact you for one. If we don't know what you sound like we can't cast you!) *
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Thank you so much!
Yay! You've correctly waded through an online submissions form, and if you did it on your phone, bonus points! We can't guarantee we'll be able to cast everyone, but we'll do our best. Thank you for helping stem the spread of illness and make a space for happiness instead.

Questions? Contact us at
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