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David's Tent Alabama Worship Leaders
Thank you so much for your heart to love Jesus! We look forward to celebrating with you the beauty of diversity in worship that exists within the Body of Christ as we share a common, public platform at David's Tent Alabama to Declare the Exceedingly Great Worth of JESUS CHRIST! Please take note of the following information that expresses our heart for being a watchman at David’s Tent Alabama. For more information, please visit

Loving Jesus is our only agenda. We have the very specific focus of ministering to the Lord through an offering of authentic worship simply because He is worthy. We are simply giving Jesus, alone, the adoration, glory, honor and praise that is due Him. It is a celebration of the great goodness and tender mercy of God!

As a worship leader, we ask that you represent Jesus, our ministry and our heart well by embodying and protecting the values that define who we are, which can be found at These values should guide all of our actions both on and off the platform.

This is an outdoor event, and even though the tent has fans for cooling in the summer and heaters for warming in the winter, please check the weather and come prepared. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled set and that you check in with the watch leader first. Please make sure to plan ahead for any last-minute issues like traffic and parking. Anything that you want to bring with you to the tent will have to be carried from your parking place. If all goes well and you have extra time, please enjoy worship until your set begins.

To help ease transitions between sets, we encourage you to use as much of our equipment as possible, but please feel free to bring your own guitar, pedal board, etc. We will have a full sound system with floor monitors, a full-size keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, guitar amp, bass guitar, bass amp, a full standard acoustic drum kit, hand drums, DI boxes, vocal mics, mic stands, music stands, stools, cables, etc. We ask that everything be tuned and prepared as much as possible beforehand.

As a worship leader, your ministry is twofold: first unto the Lord and second unto others. First, we ask that from a place of sincerity as the Holy Spirit leads you that you use the musical gifts and talents with which God has blessed you to minister unto the Lord. Second, in so doing, we ask that you help create an atmosphere of worship that will be filled by the presence of God in which others can enter into worship undistracted and meet with Him. Neither the size of your group, be it you as an individual, a praise & worship team, choir, ensemble, etc., nor the genre of your music, be it contemporary, gospel, southern gospel, hip hop, hymns, etc. is as important as your attention to Jesus. In order to help minimize distractions for those who are leading worship as well as for those who have set their hearts to meet with Jesus, we ask that conversations be kept to a low volume and even taken outside of the tent if possible which helps us maintain an atmosphere of worship. We also ask that there be no preaching or teaching; that there be no promoting or protesting of any political or social agendas and viewpoints. We ask that denominational doctrines and other potentially divisive language be set aside while you are at the tent.

As a freewill offering to Jesus, we all volunteer out time, money, energy and emotions; however, David's Tent Alabama does have operational costs, and if you would like to make a donation towards those costs, please do so online at Also, to help maintain an atmosphere of worship at the tent, we neither allow the selling nor distribution of other merchandise or materials.

Our worship schedule is established on 1-2 hour shifts. On the rare occasion that the worship leader following you is late or absent, please continue your set as long as you are able. Before you leave, please check out with the watch leader. Worship is amplified with a full sound system from 8:00am until 10:00pm; however, from 10:00pm until 8:00am, worship is unplugged.

Before you come, please take a few minutes and be still before the Lord, allowing the Holy Spirit to fix the gaze of your eyes on Jesus and tune the frequency of your ears to His voice.

If this tugs on your heart strings, please provide the following information, and we will follow up with you soon.

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