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Global Game Jam - NC State University Local Signup Form
Welcome to the auxiliary NC State University Global Game Jam Signup Page. This form will help us coordinate the event at NC State University, but does *not* register you with the Global Game Jam competition. You need to fill out *both* to participate at the NC State University site. More information about the Global Game Jam - NC State University Jam Site can be found here:

Your answers will be kept completely confidential and will only be reported in aggregate to the Global Game Jam of the International Game Developers Association.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tiffany Barnes at
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You are affiliated with NCSU if you have a Unity ID. If you are affiliated, enter your Unity ID in the Other field
In case you want to tell us anything. :)
Emergency contact, liability, and indemnity information
We are collecting this information only in case of emergency. It will be deleted within one week of the game jam.
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We are collecting this just in case of emergency
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I acknowledge that my participation in theTriangle GGJ may involve risks including but not limited to “personal injury or death” and property damage. I assume responsibility for all risks. I indemnify and hold harmless North Carolina State University, its trustees, officers, employees, agents, including the staff and volunteers of the Triangle GGJ, from any liability arising from, or proximately caused by my participation in this program. I further acknowledge that I have comprehensive health insurance coverage that will be in effect during the date(s) of the program.
Computer use acknowledgement
As a Triangle GGJ participant

• I acknowledge that I have read the following NC State University policy and regulation:

• I acknowledge my responsibility to adhere to and follow the guidelines of this policy and this regulation.

• I will consult with Dr. Tiffany Barnes or Andrew Hicks if I need clarification regarding the use of NCSU computing facilities, including hardware, software, networks, data, and personally-owned computers connected to the NCSU network.

• I understand that failure to adhere to the Computer Use Policy and the Computer Use Regulation can result in disciplinary actions, up to and including immediate discharge from the Triangle GGJ, including civil and criminal prosecution in some cases.
Please enter the full text of your name to show your agreement with the computer use policy. *
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