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Survey: Creating Better Relationships Between Game Developers and Streamers
I'm conducting a survey in order to better understand the relationship between game developers and let's players/streamers in order to see what people's needs are on both ends of the spectrum. Hopefully this will lead to improvements and platform ideas that will foster growth and collaboration in both communities at the same time.

I would like this data to foster an open discussion of sorts, so go into this survey with the expectation that your answers will be seen by the public at large. (The data will eventually be made public so it may also be a place to plug your game/channel if you like -- you can also choose to remain anonymous as well, however.) Especially thoughtful answers will be included in the summary report as well, which will be generated once I get enough responses. Thanks for your participation!

Please send this form out to anyone you think would be relevant to the discussion as well. More answers = better results!

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