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Preparing for 2018
We're getting ready for 2018 and there's a couple of things that we need to do to be ready.

1. Move out of our current space.
2. Beef up our Sunday Strategic Service Teams, specifically, Road Crew.

The more we can do together, the more fun it is and the less work it is on any one individual.

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A Quick Message From Micah
Moving Out
We are moving out Dec 26-29 and we need some help. We've got to put the place back to it's previous state and get our gear tested, sifted and organized for our first Sunday of 2018, January 7.
Which days and times can you help?
2018 Strategic Service
We need some new people to step into volunteer roles that help us accomplish everything we do on a Sunday morning. We rely heavily on a small number of people to accomplish the majority of our volunteerism, it's time to freshen up our teams for 2018. If you don't serve, we need you to.
Can you help Road Crew Set Up in 2018? If so, how often?
Can you help Road Crew tear down in 2018?
Are you willing to "Captain" a Road Crew team?
Are you able to drive our trailer, if so, how often? (3/4 Ton Truck Required)
Maybe you simply can't do Road Crew... we've got additional needs in these areas:
I can plug into these teams...
What's your biggest prayer for 2018?
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Anything else you want to communicate?
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