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Jack Hill Nomination form
Jack Hill was an Oxfordshire Scout, Leader and Commissioner in Oxfordshire. Unfortunately he lived his whole life suffering with a severe heart condition. Jack was determined to develop and enjoy his life, his family and friends and trying to live up to his Scout Promise.

After his death, his family donated a memorial trophy to be awarded annually to a member of the 6-25 training section who has shown the courage to remain positively active in scouting whilst suffering from physical, emotional or social difficulties.

You are asked to recommend a young person (or people), from the Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout and Scout Network Sections, who you believe has shown during last year, the quality of courage in the face of difficulty. In the past recipients have been young people who have faced physical or mental difficulties in their lives and who have coped with social or emotional difficulties, i.e. family deaths or illnesses.
We are not looking for people who have achieved high levels of badge work but for those who have truly enjoyed Scouting, through their attendance, willingness to help and their interaction with their fellow members.

Perhaps having thought of a person, you may like to ask other fellow members of their colony, pack, troop, unit or network who may like to give their own reasons as to why this person should be considered for this award.

To give us time to consider the nominations please return applications to me by 15th March 2019.

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