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BVIS Diwali 2019 Registration Form
Event Date : October 19th, 2019, 1PM
Register by : September 30th 2019
Event Address : Grafton High School, 24 Providence Road, Grafton MA 01519
Contact :
* All registrations are subject to acceptance by BVIS.
* Participation registration deadline - September 30th**
(**registration will close sooner if all the slots have been filled before deadline)
* No solo performance
* Participation fee - $5 per participant per entry
* Duration of performance (for Dance only) - MAX of 5 minutes (a group of 8 or more participants can request an extended duration)
* An individual can participate in a maximum of 3 performances
* Registered teams to Email audio files (as applicable) in MP3 format (only) to with ‘Performance Name’ in subject by October 10th
* Participation fee must be paid upon acceptance of the entry and no later than October 10th

BVIS reserves the right to make any changes or exceptions to the above rules
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Phone Number *
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Item Performing (No Solo performances) *
Performance Name *
Unique name for your performance or group
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Dance/Song titles (please mention all songs in Medley) *
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Duration of Performance (dance only) - Max 5 minutes *
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Number of Participants *
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Name of Participants *
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Is any of the participant above performing more than once (so we can space the performances) *
If yes , list name of participants
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Age Group *
Mp3 Needed *
Email MP3 to with 'Performance Name' (as mentioned above) in Subject line
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Description of performance for the MC
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BVIS reserves the right to make any changes or exceptions.
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