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Feedback on the Hyperdocs project
The directions for the projects were clear. I knew what to do to successfully complete the assignments.
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Title/Topic of the Hyperdoc Unit
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The topic was interesting to me.
All group members participated.
I felt I gained a better understanding of the topic than I would have through a traditional lecture.
I had enough time to complete the project.
The format of this project (Hyperdoc) was easy to use.
The evaluation criteria (how I will be graded) was clear and also fair.
I would like to participate in another project like this one.
What contribution of yours are you most proud of?
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What additional contributions could you have made?
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What topics or ideas need further research or clarification?
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Final thoughts or evaluations about this project? In other words, anything else that I didn't ask about that you think I would like to know.
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