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GrandAppStudio - Special Referral Onboarding Form
This signup form can be used by Special Referral Programme for startups who are interested to use any or every of the tools provided by

On-boarding will happen in 2 to 3 business days for php apps, for others it would happen very soon less than 3 weeks.

Product / Services offered
1. Rollout
Rollout is SaaS application that can be used to deploy websites, webapps on the cloud with no downtime. With No scripting required. Also if anything goes wrong you can always rollback at click of button.

Roll-out currently supports for PHP, Stay tuned we are getting it up for nodejs too. Stay tuned.
Folks who are interested to use for other tech please do signup on this form, We will onboard you Soon.

2. Downtime Alerts

For any enquiries write to Also you tell us how have we done. This will motivate us 10x

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