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12U Select Scores and GS3 Umpire Evaluation
Coaches please evaluate the umpire at the end of the game. Submitted forms will go to Kathy Fishbaugh, GS3 League Director and Mike Burwell, umpire assigner. If you have any questions, call Kathy at 614-717-9934.
Coach Name and Team *
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Please report the name and score for each team and each game of the double header. All scores are due within 24 hours of game completion.
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Game 1: Home Team Score *
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Game 1: Home Team *
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Game 2: Home Team *
Game 2: Away Team *
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Umpire Name *
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Did Umpire Arrive on Time and were you notified of umpire arrival? *
Were field, bats and helmets inspected? *
Was umpire professional at all times? *
Evaluation Criteria:
Please rate the umpire in the following areas.
Rules knowledge *
Judgment *
Judgment - Strike Zone Only *
Play Coverages and Signals *
Game Management *
Handles Pressure/ Difficult Situations *
Overall Rating *
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