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Church of St. Rita: 'Let It Go' Donation Form
Please fill out this electronic form and submit it, along with a digital photo of the item you would like to donate. You can also email the photo to: Submit a separate form and photo for each item. Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, May 28 at 5 p.m.
Email address *
Name of donor *
Phone number *
What is the item you would like to donate? *
Please describe your item in as much detail as possible. Include its age, dimensions (if applicable); brand name/model; etc. *
What was the initial cost of the item (best guess)? *
What is the current market value of the item (must be at least $50)? *
Please upload a photo of your item here.
-Or- You can email your photo to:
Let us know here if you have a large item and need help transporting it.
Please note: All submissions will be reviewed to make sure they meet the criteria. DO NOT drop off any items until you have been notified that your donation is approved.
You'll be contacted with details on when and where to drop off your donated item. Unsold items will not be returned.
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