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New Family Referral Rewards Program
*Families referring new families into the system are eligible for a one-time tuition reduction credit amount of $200 PER REFERRED FAMILY. Application of the credit is applied after the new family has stayed in the system for at least one full semester.

*This program is for referral of new families only into the system who have students eligible for three-year-old preschool through 12th grade. (Previously enrolled families will only be considered if their students have been out of the system for one or more years.)

*Each family may accrue up to two new family Referral Rewards per academic year. Tuition credits are currently considered taxable miscellaneous income by the IRS. It is the recipient's obligation to consult with tax professionals and report such income as appropriate.

*If a family chooses to decline a Referral Reward, it will be added to the ACS Guardian Angel Fund for families who experience mid-year difficulties due to family illness or death, job loss, or other financial hardship. Refusal to accept a Referral Reward cannot be considered a tax-deductible donation.

*In the case of multiple referrals of a family, ACS administration may split the referral credit or voucher as it deems equitable.

*Aquinas upholds the eligibility rules of the WIAA and prohibits its coaches, staff, and parents from recruiting students based on athletic ability or potential.

*Employees of ACS are not eligible for the Referral Rewards Program.
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