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Norwex Consultant Opportunity FAQ's
Everything you need to know about becoming a consultant, answered here! Be sure to message me with any questions you may have that I didn't cover. I'm excited to connect with you!
My Contact Info!
Michaela Thomas- Sales Leader
Norwex Independant Consultant
How Do I Sign Up?
Online! ( You'll get your Consultant ID# (along with consultant privileges & discount) instantly & your kit will arrive in 5-7 days!
If you prefer to sign up by phone, text or call me at #239-287-6097
Why Should I Sign Up?
It might be a really GREAT fit for you & being a consultant has so many benefits!

→ It's Fun! ADULT conversations, food, and new friendships!

→ You Can Make A Difference! Help people live healthier lives & reducing chemicals in their homes

→ Great Income Potential (ave. $200+ commission/ party)!

→ Amazing TEAM! We have an INCREDIBLE team of people you can collaborate & work with.

→ Free Products! Best way to convert your home to Norwex. I use my free products daily/ reduces our monthly bills (detergent)

→ Flexible Schedule! Work from home, when you want and as little or as much as you want! (I can stay home with my girls)

→ Recognition! Rewards for your hard work from Norwex Corporate and your team! Opportunities to develop as a leader

→ Earn special incentives and free trips to fun places! :)

Talk To Me About The $$$$. How Much Do You Make?
All consultants make a 35% commission (or a 35% discount on purchased product), whether you have been with the company for 1 day or 10 years.
The average party is about $200-$250 in commission. So the more parties you do the more $$$ you make. The sky is the limit!
There are also 8 levels of leadership you can progress through to make even more money as you grow your team!
What Are The Minimum Requirements To Stay A Consultant?
You only need to sell $250 in product in a rolling 6 month period (If you are buying product for yourself that would only be $162.50 in product with your 35% discount).
The average party is $550 so this is hardly a minimum at all! There is no annual renewal fee as long as you meet this minimum requirement.
How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?
I love this question because Norwex is SO GENEROUS!
Here's how it works: Get the entire STARTER KIT for $9.99 shipping! Norwex gives you 90 days to sell $2,000 worth. IF you don't meet your $2,000 goal in 90 days, you just pay $200 for your starter kit (which is worth more than $200). Now before you freak out about the $2,000 requirement... keep in mind the average party is $500. Plan to do 2-3 parties in the first 2 months and you're all set (I reached $2000 in 2 months).
FYI: with 35% commission, doing 1 $600 party will earn you $210 (covers cost if you are unable to meet $2000!)
What Comes In The Standard Starter Kit?
EVERYTHING pictured below (even the large mop)!...SERIOUSLY! $9.99
Are there any Upgrade Options?
When you're going through the application process online, you'll have the option to order a kit builder package that includes some excellent products AND free business materials. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Here are the benefits:
→ You get an additional discount 43%-45% off!
→ FREE catalogs AND solution cards to use at your first parties!!
→ *The full 100% retail price counts towards your sales goals
→ You get the top selling products into your hands fast!

With the Silver Package add-on you are already ENGAGED! With the Gold Package add-on you hit FRESH START Step 1!
These are the items that come in each of the above kits (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM). This is a GREAT savings- above your 35% off!
You can earn OVER 1/2 the catalog for free with these FreshStart reward bundles! THIS MONTH YOU GET EXTRA SHOPPING SPREE $$$ WITH EACH FRESH START!!!!
What Is The FRESH START Program?
***Just the most awesome incentive experience ever! Remember, you need to reach $2,000 in sales to get your starter kit for free? (UNLESS YOU GOT THE RISK FREE STARTER KIT) Well, along the way you will be reaching smaller sales and recruiting goals and racking up over $700 worth of free product!!
STEP 1: $400 in 15 days
STEP 2: $1,000 in 30 Days
STEP 3: $2,000 in 60 days

You can also reach recruiting goals by signing up your friends during your first 90 days...and after! The best time to sign up people on your team is now so you can both learn together.
STEP 1: 1 Team Member in 45 days
STEP 2: 2 Team Members in 60 Days
STEP 3: 3 Team Members in 90 days

When Should I Sign Up?
You can sign up online anytime through this link (takes about 5 minutes):

Here are my recommendations...

*TAKE ADVANTAGE of the STARTER KIT BUILDERS! Purchasing the Gold for $270 will give you "Subtotal A worth $463" which allows you to earn the FRESH START 1 bundle FREE (worth $130+)!!!!

DO A HOME PARTY LAUNCH - within 8-12 days of signing up. This will allow you to get your starter kit in the mail, but also give you time to reach MORE Fresh Start goals (rewards at $400, $1000, and $2000 sales).

FACEBOOK PARTIES - You don't need your starter kit for FB, so sign up the day before your Facebook Party to give yourself the most time possible for the Fresh Start program.

Don't forget: I am here to help you have a successful kick-off party!! :) PLEASE don't hesitate to call!

Should I Sign Up For "Text Alerts"?
YEP! They're very helpful. Norwex will alert you when you're close to hitting your Fresh Start goals, when an order online is placed by a customer, when orders ship, etc. You can change your settings at any time.
Are There Any Monthly Fees?
There is an OPTIONAL monthly fee for you to have "Office Suite" & it's great!
As a new consultant you will have the opportunity to enroll in a free trial of the Office Suite for 60 days (I would DEFINITELY take advantage of this & select YES!!!)
After the 60 day free trial, Office Suite is only $9.99 per month & worth every penny!
Do I HAVE To Do Parties?
Nope. BUT you should! :) Some people sign up just for the discount (ME!), and then after they use the products & see how amazing everything is they end up telling everyone around them. You can share Norwex through social media, 1-on-1 demonstrations, catalog parties or simply collecting orders from friends & family, there is NOTHING like the Norwex home party!

People LOVE seeing the products in action & there is excitement & fun in a room full of people when you can show & tell them why & how the products work!

How Much Time Does It Take To Do A Party?
On average about 2 hours are spent on a party. You'll allow 15-20min for mingling, 30-45min for product demonstrations (don't worry, we have a ton of resources on how to do this!) and 30-45min for shopping.

Just like with any new endeavor, you will have a learning curve your first few weeks. So schedule a few parties right away so you can practice on friends and immediately apply what you learned!

Will I be ONE of 2,938,357 Consultants In My City?
NO! We need SO MANY more consultants. Norwex is currently only in 2% of the homes in the US. TWO PERCENT! The opportunity is huge! :)

I went to a recent leadership conference for Norwex and the top four leadership levels inserted push pins into where they live. Look at your state! I bet it's pretty empty just like mine. We NEED you :)

I Can't Do This On My Own! Who's Going To Help Me?
Norwex and ME! Our team has fantastic, in-depth training to accommodate your learning styles. I will personally be here to answer questions & point you in the right direction for success. We have monthly team meetings, team resources, company-wide training webinars, conference calls & more!
As soon as you sign up, you will have instant access to the training offered, product knowledge & everything you need to get off to a strong start!
What's the History of the Company?
Norwex began in 1994 in Norway and got it's name from "NORWegian EXperience."
They expanded to Canada and the US in 1999 and have seen tremendous growth! They are now in several countries across the globe. Our mission is to "improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home."

Read More Here:

Is This Some Type of Pyramid Scheme?
Nope! Pyramid Schemes are illegal. With a pyramid scheme there is no selling of product (or services).
We are a direct sales company. We have an excellent product and everyone earns the same commission rate. Just like any organization, there are leaders who help you and get paid to train & lead their teams.
It's not uncommon for someone to earn even more than the person who invited them into the business!
What Happens If I Decide Norwex Consulting Isn't For Me?
Ummm... nothing! :) I would love be your consultant & take care of any Norwex needs you may have in the future. Until your account goes dormant, you get to enjoy the 35% discount for personal use! There are no cancellation fees!
Are You Ready To Sign Up?
Do You Have More Questions?
I'd be happy to chat with you! Feel free to email ( or call me (239-287-6097)!
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