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Fairyblossom Midsummer 2022 RSVP
June 24-26, Red Hawk Avalon, 26 Red Hawk Rd, Pe Ell, WA

Greetings Fair Folk and welcome 'cross the Hedge! If you plan to attend our 2022 Fairyblossom Midsummer, please fill out this form so we know who to expect, what VIP gifts to make and what space to plan for!

WE ARE A COMMUNITY SUPPORTED EVENT - please consider supporting so we do not have to revert to our old ticketing structure, which looked approximately like this:
1 Adult Ticket: $47
1 Kid: $25
Camp $30
Event Pin $7
Family 2A, 2k, 1 camp = $127

Please consider these equivalent ticket values for past events.  If you are bringing a family, we appreciate your consideration of this cost estimate per person in relation to your supporting patreon subscription. 🙏 Remeber that we host several free events annually such as Applebash Harvest, Beltane High Tea and Samhain Dumb Supper, all of which your support helps produce. 🙏
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THIS EVENT IS TICKET-FREE, community supported, first-come, based upon capacity. However, PRIORITY entry, camping & parking are given to our supporting Patreon Patrons. Are you on our Patreon? ( *
Your Real Name (First & Last) *
Your Magical Persona Name!
(One per household, please - it's ok if you don't know yours yet!)
Street Address *
City, State *
Zip Code *
Email (in case we need to contact you) *
(this will only be used if for some reason we cannot make heads or tails of your address!)
How will you be camping on site? *
SITE DETAILS: 🧚‍♀️There is little to no cell reception, no electric, no running water 🧚‍♀️Bathrooms are biffies only 🧚‍♀️Pets are allowed on leashes, w/proper clean-up 🧚‍♀️Tents & Trailers welcome! 🧚‍♀️ It is a bit of a walk (maybe 100 yards or so), from RV & Parking to the camping meadow and festival, bumpy terrain. 🔥Above ground fire-pits please🔥
What is the name of your Encampment? (e.g. Blackwatch, Trollheim, The Smith Family, etc...)  It helps us to know who is in a camping group - put NA if none. *
How many people will be in your encampment? (You can guesstimate) Please specify: Adults 18+, Teens 13-17, Kids under 13 *
PETS/Dogs/Cats/Etc are welcome ON A LEASH or otherwise contained.  Must observe PETiquette! *
LEAVE NO TRACE!  If you pack it in, pack it out - including your garbage. *
FAE-reCycle! Each year, we collect all the cans from Fairyblossom, and redeem them for human cash monies.  This MOOLAH is then given away, as a strings free gift at the next Fairyblossom, to a winning Patreon Patron. *
BARTER! Fae love to trade.  Each vendor booth will have an additional trade-only barter box, so be sure to bring your bags of baubles and bits n bobs so you can trade! *
WORKSHOPS! Skills are also a theme.  This year we will be offering a couple workshops.  Please check the ones you are interested in: *
Midsummer GAMES! Select the thing(s) you can/want to do! *
FAE News! *
We put a ton of news and general fun stuff on our YouTube, would you subscribe?
Connect? :) *
Would you like to find us elsewhere in the magical realms?  Here are a few places you can go, let us know which ones you prefer! (Multiple Selections Possible)
Magical Shopping!  Buy from our preferred Fairy Market vendors and your item can get Enchanted for game use!
These stores are some of our favorite Fae Shopping for magical supplies.  Check them out at your leisure and remember to tell them where you found them if you buy!
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